The Story of ZomZoms

This Halloween, grab your ETH, because Zombies have been busy making a lot of babies during quarantine.

Say hello to ZomZoms!

They have an insatiable appetite for warm hugs and yummy candy, neither of which their parents can provide.

ZomZoms have been wandering the streets, looking for a new family to love.

Can you give them a home?

Adopt one today.


When will minting begin?

General Public Sale is available now!

Follow us on Twitter & join our Discord to get involved and stay informed!

How much is a ZomZom?

It's only 0.03 ETH to buy 1 ZomZom!

The best part? You're getting a first generation ZomZom and get to be a part of history!

How many can I buy?

During our public launch, buyers will be limited to 10 ZomZoms per transaction in order to give everyone a fair chance & prevent bots from sweeping.

What is the project roadmap?

Roadmap will be released in our Discord channel. Roadmap includes $20k charity donation, $10k budget for marketing/influencers to promote awareness, $10k in ZomZom for collaboration projects, $7k for Rarity Tools listing, $3k Discord invite contest giveaway, Rarity Sniper listing, and early access to future NFT collections!

Promotions and Giveaways

The ZomZoms team will reserve 100 ZomZoms to use for promotions and giveaways to help spread awareness in the NFT community.